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Hello, my soul-tribe!


I am honored you are reading this,

as it has been quite a journey so far!

I owe a lot of my spiritual growth to my father

who always spoke of energy, the quantum field, and 

our divinity and planted the thoughts and curiosity in

my subconscious as a child.

After 2 near death experiences that involved losing

consciousness, a highly energetic divorce 

that cost me the family I was building and every bit of

financial security that I had accumulated, 

losing my job of 16 years during Covid, the sudden

passing of my father, and witnessing a fiery 

car crash involving my two next-door neighbors and their dog burning alive in the vehicle, I had officially hit rock-bottom. I was feeling depressed in a way that I had never felt before & and sought help from medical professionals but quickly discovered the pills were just masking the pain. I started exploring thought 

management, self-healing, and energy work and came across many experts and doctors in the field which enabled me to rewire my brain through NLP and energy psychology to serve me better and heal. As I started to feel better, I became fascinated with energy work and the healing process through the conscious and subconscious mind and healing our past trauma. I noticed that I was automatically drawn to this magic and mystery of energy work and healing. Having a master's in Psychology, energy healing opened my eyes to other realities I had not experienced before (or at least it felt new initially) and I fell in love 

with it and it became my way of life. It was a natural transition for me as I seem to have 

remembered some of the skills I already knew from past lives and experiences. I invested a lot of time 

and resources into learning, practicing, and mastering this gift completely quit the corporate world and started my journey of serving and helping heal the beautiful souls I came in contact with.

The more I operated within the high frequency of unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude, and joy, the more my skills became activated. My calling is to share this gift and help others discover how to use their energy and thoughts to create their heaven on earth. 

I am honored to be able to serve and facilitate the healing for the rest of my soul family!

I look forward to connecting with you! 


The Lightbringer
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