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Hi, Beautiful Souls!


I’m so glad we have crossed paths! 

Life has tested me to its fullest, from physical to

mental to emotional pain. My own journey has

taught me the importance of surrendering,

accepting, and loving myself, and how to see

life’s hard moments as opportunities for growth.

It’s through following the path of transcendence

that I have found true transformation and the tools

to navigate through life’s challenges with gratitude

and clarity.

When I decided to truly heal myself my life turned

over and I became a person full of life, truly happy,

making my decisions out of my heart and not out of

fear or because I had to do it. I  decided to live for

myself and follow my dreams. This was the

beginning of a journey to discover who I TRULY AM.

In this journey I understood that my story had to be

shared, my experiences, my resilience, and the

wisdom that I have learned through the hardships

needed a voice. My learnings through Energy , Sound Healing, Spiritual Coaching, Somatic and Holotropic Breathwork, as well as free diving practices have given me light back into my life in every aspect, for this, I want to invite you to explore any way of healing, because real happiness, inner peace, and love does exist.

I have been where you are now, in the same or similar way, heartbreaks, disappointments, grief, physical pain, and near-death experiences, I have gone through very tough ones, and this journey has helped me in ways that I could have never ever IMAGINED, so if I have been able to heal so are you!! I will be happy to guide you and teach you the tools to have a great life. 



Andrea Borda (Andrea of Gaia)


Services that I provide:


  • Somatic Breathwork

  • Holotropic Breathwork

  • Regulating Breathwork

  • Sound Healing 

  • Kundalini activation

  • Reiki

  • Soul Purpose coaching

  • NLP

  • Human Design

  • Emotional code

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Shamanic & plant medicine journeys

  • Transformational Trauma release coaching

Andrea of Gaia
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