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Josh Friedman aka "Josh The Keymaker" has been working in video/photo/audio production as the owner of One Zero Digital Media, LLC since 2008. He is a musician, videographer, photographer, educator and entrepreneur. 


As a one stop shop boutique production company, One Zero Digital Media specializes in creating custom videos for web sites, social media, and events.  Josh has also been a pioneer in the drone industry adding aerial media to his production services in 2012.  He has coordinated three Drone educator conferences and remains active on the forefront of the drone industry nationally. He is currently teaching a class as adjunct faculty on-line through West Valley Colleges and has previously taught in Orange County, CA at six colleges since 2013.


As Co-Owner of Zero Point Activation, Josh loves working behind the scenes with The Light Bringer and Andrea of Gaia to create all of the social media content, professional video and photography, and to help with producing events for Zero Point.  As a musician, Josh also take joy in being part of the sound baths at Zero Point Activation events.  

Josh Friedman
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