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The Power of Movement and Energy Flow

Updated: Jul 10

Embarking on a journey toward vitality involves more than just the physical; it's about awakening the profound connection between movement, energy flow, and your unconscious mind. When you engage in intentional and mindful motion, you initiate a harmonious dance between your body, mind, and spirit. The transformative magic lies not only in the immediate boost to your physical well-being but also in the subtle influence on your unconscious choices and reactions throughout the day.

As you gracefully move through each practice, you invite a positive current of energy to flow, creating a ripple effect on your entire being. This ripple extends beyond the visible, permeating the realms of your subconscious and influencing your thoughts, emotions, and overall well-being.

Often as we go through life, our experiences throughout the day; stress and emotions create blockages or unbalanced energy in our chakras which creates emotional distress. For many, these blockages can cause more stress on individuals day to day experiences. For example, a blockage in one's throat chakra can create the inability to speak your truth. Often this occurs when someone is feeling like they cannot or should not speak their voice. Many people do not even realize the power of the blockage or more so, the power of the energy flowing through their own bodies. 

Zero Point Participant getting Reiki work
Reiki Work

An amazing way to move the energy through your body is with the power of Reiki. The word "Reiki" is derived from two Japanese words: "rei," which means universal or spiritual, and "ki," which means life energy or vital force.

As Reiki practitioners, we channel energy through our hands, either by placing our hands on or near the recipient's body or by sending healing energy from a distance. As Reiki practitioners, we aim to rebalance and harmonize this energy, which is aimed to promote physical and emotional healing. We work to help people heal their mind, body and soul by connecting people to their own energy. 

Another way we move energy is through physical movement - swaying, dancing, jumping. Small or large, it does not matter - all that matters is you move your body however it feels right. These movements allow your body to channel energy through it, allowing your mind, body and soul to shake up any blockages and find harmony in the energy you hold. 

healing power of movement with Tai Chi

However you decide to help the energy flow, let's harness the power within our bodies to create a symphony of wellness, fostering a deep connection between our conscious and unconscious selves. 🌟

Participants doing Tai Chi for energy movement

If you are local to the Orange County, CA or Los Angeles area and would like to join us for a Meditative Journey please check out our monthly events. For private or corporate session you can reach us at

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